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Nordligdrom Gateaux's Star

 Brown tabby and white bicolour DOB 17/12/2019

A lovely kitten I kept from the first mating with her mum Sweetie.

As yet she hasn't provided us with any kittens, but I am still hopeful



Normystic True Grit

 Classic Brown tabby and white  DOB 27/8/2023

Thanks go to Richard Handy for allowing this wonderful girl to join us.

She will be known as Bear


Ch. Afjord's Sweet Sunshine

Black tabby and white DOB 17/3/2018

'Sweetie' was imported from Germany and thanks go to Ulla for allowing her to live in UK. 

She has a beautiful NFC head and wonderful eyes and a super temperament.

Before she was neutered she provided us with some wonderful kittens

Sweetie, May 22.jpg

International Premier Old Possum's Tillycoultry

Red tabby and white DOB 1/7/17

Tilly was bred by Judith MacArthur at the Old Possum's cattery in Scotland.  Tilly is a huge lady, with an equally huge coat ,which is difficult to groom. She is a spirited cat with a strong personality and spends most of her time in the garden.

Westrikatt Sahara

Black tortie tabby harlequin DOB 28/8/13

A long  and muscular cat with a lovely head and long tail, but sadly not a lot of coat. As top cat she is inclined to be bossy, but still maintains her position even after being neutered

Norwegian Forest Cat
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