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Current litters

Afjord's Sweet Sunshine and Coscathas Son of Othello litter

Our most recent litter was born 4/4/2023 and have joined families with other Nordligdrom cats.  Three have Norwegian famous Viking ship names.


A brown tabby and white classic tabby male. He is very spirited and loves chasing and pouncing. He is very playful and likes to snuggle on your knee. He joined older Nordligdrom Fledermaus, in July 2023



A brown tabby and white classic tabby male. 'Fire' (pronounced Fee-rah) means number 4 in Norwegian. He was named because he was the 4th kitten in the litter and born by C section. It was unlikely he would survive at the time, but he is a lusty young cat now.  He lives with litter mate Oseberg.



He is a very lively male kitten. He is black and white and has been renamed 'The Professor'.He lives in Henley on Thames with 'Fire', Toby and Lana, whose Mum also has 3 Nordligdrom NFC's.



An exceptionally pretty and vey feminine brown tabby and white  young lady. She is the only female in the litter but can hold her own space with her 3 big brothers. She has joined  Nordligdrom Drumsturdy, from a previous litter, and lives in Kent.


Homing a Nordligdrom Kitten

 Essential Information - Please Read

Our litters are all born in our home and given freedom of the house when old enough. They have been introduced to all sorts of domestic noises and socializing with our other cats.

They will be registered with GCCF and new owners will receive a copy of their pedigree plus a transfer of ownership card from the GCCF.

The kittens are strictly sold as pets or perhaps to show, meaning they are not intended to be used as a breeding cat. They will be placed on the 'non-active' register, and should any off springs result, they cannot be registered as a pedigree cat with the cat fancy.

Neutering should take place at around 6 months or when recommended by your vet.

They will have completed a full course of vaccinations at 9 and 12 weeks by a qualified vet. They will also be wormed at regular intervals and be microchipped.

Kittens are ready to go to their new homes at around 13 / 14 weeks old and in accordance with GCCF / FIFe guidelines. I always ask the vet to confirm he is happy for them to be rehomed after their final visit.


The safety and security of our kittens is of the greatest importance. Like most other breeders, I do not sell my kittens to free roam. So if you enquire about a kitten, I may ask you several questions about how you intend to keep them and also about your family life. The internet if full of ideas about how to contain cats in a garden or perhaps consider a harness or catio. I am always happy to discuss the various options I know about.

I prefer my kittens to go to homes where they are not a single pet as they may soon become bored, particularly if the new owners are out at work all day. If there are young children in the home they need to be supervised with young kittens while learning to care for their new pet. Another cat or dog is often a good companion. 

I ask owners to sign an agreement when they collect their kitten. It lays out the responsibility from me as a breeder and what I expect from you as an owner, using the guidelines set down by the cat fancy code of conduct.

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